Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring into the Arts!!

Don't forget to visit me at the Spring into the Arts in downtown Battle Creek tonight May 14 from 5 - 9pm. I will be at  Barista Blues Cafe with Michael Angelo!!  there will lots of art, food, and wine.  check out  for more information.


seesa said...

Kelly Parker’s designs are her own interpretation of the natural world. Using bold, blocks of color and not using too much detail. Some things can be interpreted by simplicity, using the basic shape of an object, and that exactly what she does. I think her simplicity comes from being a busy parent. She probably has her hands full of getting her kids here and there at this time and that time, cleaning, cooking, ect. So she expresses that through her paintings, but takes her time to explore color and the way it melts into different colors and what emotions it gives off. I would say I am a big fan of her mix media work . I love how she makes a colorful background with a simple pattern and puts the subject in black and white. It almost gives it an antique feel with a modern twist then adding the newspaper like text is so unique.

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Judie said...

Just stopped by to say I love your blog!