Monday, August 27, 2007

Been a while....catching up

well it has been a while since i last posted. i have been busy creating more collages. seems like everytime i think i am ahead someone emails and needs more. this is not a bad thing but i think i am getting ahead then i get steam

i am doing 2 art walks in October and need some new work so i have been working on things for that...i will have to share some pictures of the new wire, bead, and charm necklaces i am making along with some new collages. i need to get some new items on my etsy site too. busy, busy, busy...

the kids will be starting school on Sept 4 and i start back to teaching on Sept 5. my schedule is very full this semester with my college class running 2 nights, then i have 3 private lessons and i think i will be working with an afterschool group two days a week. this is going to limit my creative time and i am not looking forward to that, but it will be for about 16 weeks so i think i can handle it....maybe!!!

well off to put the kids to bed....we all need to get use to the new earlier schedule...

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