Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 2009 Newsletter

Companion Series - Violet Poppies Set of 3, 2" x 2" each

News from Kelly Parker Designs
Issue #3 January 2009

Well, this blustery weather sure has been great!! Now I know you're thinking I am crazy...ok, most of you know I am, but anyway, the weather sure makes it easy to paint in the studio. It is too cold to go outside!

I had a wonderful November and December, I sold about 10 paintings in 6 weeks! Thank you to all the wonderful people who are supporting arts locally.

BIG NEWS!! I just received word that I am the proud recipient of another artist grant for 2009 from the Arts and Industry Council of Calhoun County at

With this grant, I will be working more on my website, creating new art, playing with new ways to promote my art and looking for an e-newsletter service.

I am currently working on what I call "Companion Pieces". You will be able to purchase art in any size and be able to keep adding art work to your already existing pieces to create a whole wall of art that has interchangeable dimensions. The sizes range from 2" x 2" up to 12" x 36" letting you display the art horizontally or vertically on the wall. Stack 'em, rearrange 'em, separate 'em to your hearts content.... Endless possibilities! To see some of the smaller pieces I have completed, check out the Companion Pieces portfolio on my website at

I have added the option of purchasing prints of some of my pieces at Fine Art America. If you are looking for prints, this is the place to look.

For my e-newsletter customers only!! I have a special deal for you - Art Upgrades. If you purchase any of my prints or original art work from or before February 28th, you will receive 1 note card of your choice, just email me with your choice and I will ship it with your order. It's that easy!!

I added two new portfolios to my website at kelly parker designs that feature Small Art and Companion Pieces that I will be working on in 2009.

I have to confess I am a twitterer now, you can follow me at

New Galleries - Stick and Stones Kalamazoo MI

Don't forget to check out the Art Center of Battle Creek for events at Art Center of Battle Creek. I am planning on exhibiting in the Postcard Salon on Thursday, February 26 from 5 - 7 pm.

I will be posting new galleries, exhibtions and shows soon, so watch for more news.

Have a wonderful day,


If you enjoyed this newsletter, please share it with others. I am trying to build a bigger audience for my work and can only succeed with the help of friends like you!!

If you have any comments, suggestions, wish to subscribe or unsubscribe, please email me at

copyright by Kelly Parker January 2009


Small Footprints said...

Your work is wonderful ... as is your blog.

Thank you for following Reduce Footprints ... I'm going to follow you, as well, and I'll add you to my blog roll.

Now I'm off to visit your website!

Small Footprints

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