Thursday, November 1, 2007

on writing a grant...

well i mostly haven't posted because i have been creating collages and doing a few swaps but i also have been working on an individual artist grant through the local Arts and Industry Council of Calhoun County.

i just submitted it on October 31, it was about 40 pages long with my business plan...that is something else i wrote in the month of October, a business plan. if you have never wrote one i would suggest that you don't!! NO not really, it was worth it just to put goals and ideas down on paper, but it is very labor intensive to say the least. the grant was due November 2 so i was a bit early but it has a short turn around time, i should know something by mid-December. i wrote the grant for website services, lap top with wireless, and some storage devices. i have dial up at home and it is getting near impossible to use...just to down load pictures to blogger is getting to be a nightmare!! they are taking forever. but anyway, i am excited about it and i am hoping to take my art another step further with my own website. so stay tuned in and i will let you know, if i get the grant.