Grant Update, well the results are in....

I got the wonderful news that i received the grant from the Arts and Industry Council of Calhoun County!!! i will be getting an individual artist grant to help promote art....i was so shocked to learn i will be the recipent of the grant. i wrote a 25 page business plan in a month and answered all the questions and filled out all the paper work for the grant and i got the call on Tuesday that i received it...i am still in shock!! Now to sign all the paperwork and get started...stay turned to receive updates on what i will be doing with the money. YIPPEEE!!!!!


  1. I am sooooo proud of you! Yay!!!!
    Well deserved!!! keep me up on how it's going!

  2. Congratulations on the Grant, Kelly! Can't wait to be inspired by you all over again! Shauna


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