Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lap top and website

well, i just ordered my new Dell laptop and have started my new website. ..my laptop will be here sometime the week of January 21st, i am so excited!! i can go to the college and use it or at the coffee shop and no more waiting for the dial up connection. i am hoping to be able to get a wireless card soon, the dial up is slower than snail mail at home. here is the lap top i have coming...it is a Dell XPS M1530 in black.

i have lots to do for the website and i realized i should have waited another month to actually start it...i need to take pictures of all my work and type up some copy for the pages. i decided to go with www.homestead.com, they have been around a long time and after searching around and looking at many websites and hosting sites i made my decision. i had been with homestead a long time ago with a free site and they were easy to use. it just somehow seemed the right place for me at this time. i will let you know more when i go live.