ok, heres the thing...

i have about 3 weeks to come up with several paintings of "the Artist Within", i am a part of a larger group of artists that have been asked to display our work at the local art center and the theme is the Artist Within...i have several ideas but when i actually get to the studio i draw a blank. i want to incorporate lots of color because of course that is how i paint...kind of abstract expressionist. well i don't just want to paint a landscape...unless i do something Henry Mooreish on canvas. i want to paint something that is me, but WHAT IS THAT!!!! when i was in college i did a series of pears...they kinda look like me, well i am not green, red or yellow but the shape resembles me. so here is my dilemma....what represents me, The Artist Within. i will keep you posted and if you have any ideas, just pass them along.
here is a family portrait i painted in 2006 - the guitar represents my son and daughter, the foil at the bottom of the painting represents my son, the mug/stein represents my husband, an avid Budweiser stein collector, and the books, the pear, and paintbrushes represent myself. i will be submitting this painting to the art show...


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  2. I really like this and I love the colors.

  3. Hey Kel
    The artist within...I say that calls for some serious coffee/bookshop time, except that by now you're probably ready to show. Let me know where and when.
    Thanks for the turn on to Stumble upon. I got caught on a Jackson Pollock page and lost in a sea of blobs of color. It was wierdly fun.
    Chaosowl, aka Cynthia.

  4. thanks celular and 2sweet for the comments. i hope to be posting more like this in the future.

  5. Hey Cyn! thanks for the post...yes i need to spend some time thinking about what i really want to paint!

    that JP site is awesome especially when you want to just take a break!! lol..



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