Saturday, April 19, 2008

Studio time

Lemons on blue green

There has been talk lately in my local art group about studio time. We have all discussed how it is classified personally. Some people only count the time that they work on art in the studio, others count the time in the studio, taking pictures, creating thumbnails, cleaning up or arranging the studio, and still others count only the time spent actually creating a finished piece.

Personally, for me, I count any time I spend in the studio as creative time, even when i am arranging or cleaning because I think this calms the inner muse and allows me to clearly "see" what I need to accomplish. I count those walks outside as time to clearly "see" my environment to help me put together a landscape composition. I count those times that i sit with my sketchbook and make some thumbnails to help me "see" what I want to create and how I want to place those items. So I guess for me anytime I work on some aspect of my art I count that as studio time. I think for me it is a more artful life...a way to capture more art in my life.

What about you? How do you view your studio time? Leave your posts in the comments section.