finally....created my first newsletter

my first newsletter....boy was this fun to do! i just created it as an email to send out. i know there are several places to get email services but i don't have the money to pay for one and the free ones have ads on them. Ads are not something i want in an email newsletter, so i decided to do one myself. actually it was pretty easy after i decided what i wanted to put in it then i created the header and started to add the content. i really was fun!! if you would like to subscribe just let me know and i will add you to the list.

At left, are some oil paintings i created in late 2006.


  1. Great job on the newsletter Kelly! Your site looks great. If you want a bulk e-mailer for pennies go to Vertical Response.

    Take care and keep up the good work.

    Jennifer Janson

  2. Congratulations on your newsletter! Getting the newsletter out there is what counts not how you get it there. Debbie


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