Friday, December 5, 2008

new ideas

it has been a while since i have posted...been busy with the holiday season and teaching. too many things going on at the end of the semester!! i was just looking at the spring semester and i will have a whole 6 weeks off between classes, but i will be starting a new drawing class with some home school kids on January 15. Looking forward to a new year, new semester, and fresh art work.

speaking of art work, i sold quite a few pieces at the October Art Walk in Battle Creek at the Downtown Partnership Office, (thank you to Kathleen, Terry, and Alessa) then i sold several more pieces just before i was scheduled to take them down. i was so excited to sell my oil paintings. i have really only been oil painting about 2 years so it was a nice to know that people actually like them. i had been struggling with several decisions - keep oil painting or try something else. these sales have made my decision for me....i will be painting most of the 6 weeks i have off.

i have also applied for another artist grant through the Arts and Industry Council of Calhoun County ( and i will be looking forward to hearing if i receive another grant. this time i asked for supplies to create paintings in interchangeable sizes such as 6 by 12, 12 by 12, and 6 by 6. i will paint a series of paintings in each of the several sizes and then they can be interchangeable on the wall in groups or individually. i think it will make my art more marketable in the long run because it will be affordable to start with one or two pieces and build on a collection from there.

i have also been thinking of some new goals i would like to set for the new year such as -

1. getting a body of art ready for a gallery show

2. getting a CD of said body of art

3. painting at least 1 painting a week

4. blogging at least once a week

there will be more as we get closer to the new year....what are your goals for the new year?