Thursday, January 8, 2009

new venues

well i just finished up applying to the site and i am waiting to here back from the Arts and Industry Council on whether or not i received another artist grant.

anyone have any other venues that they like selling on? any galleries or gift shops etc...

on another note, i just painted the last canvas panels i had left....i will have to order more. i ordered about 300 about this time last year so i am due to get some more.

i also am trying to decide what to use for oil paintings. i like to paint on wood, i generally use masonite when i can but then it has to be framed, which is another added expense, so i bought a few cradled boards to see if i like to paint on those. the only problem with the boards are they are pretty expensive and i am not sure that the cost of a frame will offset that cost. i will have to do some research on these new ideas!!

what about you...what surface do you like to paint on? do you use frames for all your work or do you sell them unframed? please leave your comments.