Napkin collage

Here is a collage I created from watercolor paper, old book pages, spackling, gesso, Technique Junkies Shimmering Bliss ink sprays, and a napkin.

Steps -
1. Using a Uhu glue stick and old book pages, I glued them down to a piece of watercolor paper. I ripped the pages into pieces then glued them down randomly on the watercolor paper.
2. I then took a credit card and swiped the background with white gesso.
3. Then applied the spackling through a stencil with a spatula and let dry. 
4. When the spackling is dry. I sprayed the piece with TJ Shimmering Bliss ink sprays in colors of Dolphin Cove, Golden Olivine, and Lapis Lazuli and let dry.
5. I then took a piece of napkin and wet the edges with a brush where I wanted to tear the napkin. I then applied the napkin to the background with Liquitex gel medium.
6. When the piece was completely dry, I used a white gel pen to create some interest on the piece.