RN Fairy Princess collage

Hello, Kelly on the Robins Nest blog today using dew drops to create a collage. This collage could be used as a card front or glued to a heavier material to create a collage to hang on the wall.

I have to apologize, I don't have any process pictures of this collage, I was in the zone and started creating and by the time I finished, I realized I had forgotten to take pictures but I can give you the steps I took to create this piece.

1. Using white cardstock, I started with distress ink and a brush covering the entire piece with color, then using a TCW Stencil from Rebekah Meyer called the Sunflower Mandala using another color of ink to make a pattern on the background. Heat set then sprinkle water over this and pat dry.

2. Ink the edges of the Princess image and the cardstock in black

3. glue the princess image to the inked card in about the center of the panel

4. using twine, wrap it around the card just below the image 3 times and tie off adding a bow, cut the excess off

5. add the flowers to the bottom of the image and then add the Neon Blue dew drops to finish off the design

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Image from Gecko Galz