RN Fairy Spools

Hello, today I am with Robin's Nest Dew Drops! I have created some Fairy Spools. 

I used the following products -
Grafix Shrink Film
Wooden thread spool
Paper flowers
Lace and muslin
Glue gun
Black Sharpie Marker

To start this project, print off your images on to the Grafiz Shrink Film and cut them out, then bake them to the manufacturer's directions on the package. Remember they will shrink about 50% so print your images according to that measurement. I printed my images about 4" tall and they shrank to approximately 2" tall. 

Using a Sharpie marker, I colored the edges of the image black. Using the glue gun, I attached my fairy to the top of the spool and then filled around her feet with flowers and Dew Drops.

Next, wrap the spool with lace or muslin and use a pin for decoration and add the dew drops to base. Here are the finished pieces. 


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