RN - Snowflake Ornaments

 Hello! Kelly on the blog today, I love making and gifting ornaments. I started when we got married, 34 years ago gifting an ornament to my husband every year, and then when I had my kids, they received an ornament every year, when they moved out, they had a stash of ornaments to take with them! I still make ornaments for my family.

To start these ornaments, I bought some snowflakes at the Dollar Store, then decorated them with Dew Drops in various colors. You can find all kinds of beautiful colors of Dew Drops at Robin's Nest. 

Supplies - 

Clear glue

To start these snowflake ornaments, I decided on the colors I wanted to use and then applied a dab of glue and the Dew Drop. I let this side dry and then did the same thing on the backside, so there are Dew Drops on both sides of each snowflake. 

These were so easy to make and they are so pretty! Everyone will be getting a snowflake ornament this year! 

Thanks for stopping by and remember to get all your Dew Drops at Robin's Nest!