BPM Quick Tip Shrink Plastic and Rubber Stamps

 Hello, I am on the blog today with Blank Page Muse and a Quick Tip using Inkjet Shrink Plastic and rubber stamps. 

Stamps used - Country Vintage Christmas

Traditionally, you would use images from the internet or your computer to print on Inkjet Shrink Plastic but I wanted to use a set of Blank Page Muse rubber stamps and I wanted them to be a bit larger than the original stamped images. Shrink plastic will shrink about 50%.

My process was to stamp my images onto white cardstock with black ink then color the images with markers, ink, colored pencils, or whatever you choose, then scan in those images to your computer to manipulate. 

I used Microsoft Word and placed the images from the scan into Word and resized them to about 4" tall and then printed them onto the Inkjet Shrink Plastic. 

Then cut them out and put them in the oven to shrink. If you are going to make ornaments out of them you will want to punch a hole in them before you shrink them. 

Another tip is to not color them really dark, pastel colors will be better because as the plastic shrinks, the colors will deepen. 

Here are the printed images ready to be cut out and placed in the oven.