CS Cardinal Christmas Tag

Hello, today I am on the blog with Clear Scraps using their acrylic tags! These tags are so versatile to use for any type of project you can create. 

I started by dropping alcohol ink in reds and greens on the tag, remember to take off the plastic protective covering before you start, and let them dry. I decided that I wanted to see the ink better and started to experiment with what I could use on the back to make the ink color pop. I finally decided to use white acrylic paint lightly over the back. 

You want to remember that you can reactivate the ink so you want to only brush over the ink once let the paint dry and you can then get a second coat on, as you can see the ink does bleed through. Here is the back of the tag with ink and paint. 

Again, as was experimenting as I wondered if the acrylic tag would take the heat, I had used it on another tag and it warped it so use caution and keep moving your heat tool over this step. You have to be doubly careful as you can bubble the paint also. 
I used a stamp and some embossing ink to do this step, it was a bit tricky but it did work. I wanted to use a silhouette stamp so that you could see the image.

Here is my finished tag, I used s small wreath stamp to create the small round tag at the top and add some decorative ribbons. 

Thanks for stopping by, have a merry holiday!