Friday, June 29, 2007

i've been tagged!!

well Elizabeth has tagged me and i am suppose to tell you 7 random things about myself, so here goes -

1. i have a wonderful family!!
2. all i want to do is create art!
3. i want to move out of Michigan
4. i like to play on the computer
5. i hate marketing my art!
6. i like to be alone
7. i love all colors but have been drawn to reds lately

ok i am now going to tag 7 people - Sherry Goshon, Kitty Mitchell, PUFF, Rosie Chapman, Kim Boehm, Donna Engstrom, Tracy Tremblay... GO!!

Great place to take classes

i just found this site and thought i would share it with you. Valley Ridge is located in Wisconsin, check them out...they have lots of really cool classes.

Valley Ridge Art Studio

Comission work

well about 2 weeks ago i received 2 calls about doing some comission work....i have 4 collages to do. here is the first one. it is in wine and leaf green measuring 5 by 7 inches.
the words are - Never give yourself a haircut after 3 glasses of wine
why'd i cut my hair, i look like a squirrel

Fiber beads

Well at arttechniques there is a fiber bead are my beads for that swap. the green and yellow beads are painted tyvek and the orange and purple beads are melted felt.

Puzzle pieces

here are the puzzle pieces swap that i am hosting. they are approximately 3" by 4 1/2" before the wire was added. the theme was Asian.

New Group at Yahoo

well i started a new group at yahoo for pins and other small pieces of artwork - check it out.

i wear a pin every time i leave the house and i have 2 windows full of pins attached to ribbons hanging in the windows. i love are the June pin swap - the theme was Bathing Beauties

Picture frames

well it has been a while since i checked in so i thought i would post some new work and other things i have been working on. i have been busy hosting swaps and making gifts for new babies and wedding showers...seems like there have been lots of parties this summer already!!

this is the gift for my niece, she is having a baby girl in September, so i made these picture frames for the babys room.