Monday, August 27, 2007

job hunting...

i know, i my last post i said my schedule was very busy and it is, but i really need something a little more permanent in the way of income so i have applied for 3 jobs, 2 are part time and 1 full time. i have a large college debt to pay off and my day job as an adjunct professor is sometimes suspect if i don;t have enough students sign up for my class.

ya know i really hate job takes a lot of time and then you have to interview, i hate interviewing. i know it doesn;t hurt to have a few interviews anyway...i am really bad at interviewing. i get really nervous but lately i have been going in to the interview process with a I CAN DO THIS/I REALLY DON'T NEED THIS JOB attitude. it takes away the nervousness and helps me get through it. it really does work for me...i have been awarded 2 jobs but turned them both down. guess i was looking for something different. just had some bad vibes in the was for a summer teaching job and the other was for an art teacher at a public school. glad i didn;t do either one, a friend of mine took the public school job...she was pinked slipped this year due to budget cuts...that really would have made me mad to put in all the time to create lessons, do art on a cart then be cut...

the full time job is for the city as a graphics production operator. a glorified way to say that someone will be making copies for the offices in the building but the pay is good and i am qualified so i decided to go for it.

one of the other jobs is for a reference librarian at the community college i teach at, and i am hoping this one pans out. it would be perfect for my schedule. send good thoughts!!

the other job is part time too at the music center scheduling appointments and other office duties attached to the building at the community college where i work. this would be a good job also.

so keep me in your thoughts....

Been a while....catching up

well it has been a while since i last posted. i have been busy creating more collages. seems like everytime i think i am ahead someone emails and needs more. this is not a bad thing but i think i am getting ahead then i get steam

i am doing 2 art walks in October and need some new work so i have been working on things for that...i will have to share some pictures of the new wire, bead, and charm necklaces i am making along with some new collages. i need to get some new items on my etsy site too. busy, busy, busy...

the kids will be starting school on Sept 4 and i start back to teaching on Sept 5. my schedule is very full this semester with my college class running 2 nights, then i have 3 private lessons and i think i will be working with an afterschool group two days a week. this is going to limit my creative time and i am not looking forward to that, but it will be for about 16 weeks so i think i can handle it....maybe!!!

well off to put the kids to bed....we all need to get use to the new earlier schedule...

Monday, August 6, 2007


well was playing around yesterday and made some necklaces from formica chips. i ran out of canvas panels and had to find something else to collage on and this is what i did. the necklace is approximately 2 3/4" tall by 1 3/4" wide. it has a black cord for wearing that is approximately 25" long and can be adjusted to any length you want. each necklace has a bead dangle that is hanging from the cord. they will be on my etsy site for sale later today. check it out.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wedding collage

here is a picture of my niece and her soon to be new husband. i did this collage for their wedding gift. it is 11" by 14" with their wedding invitation and picture of them. Blue is my nieces favorite color so i use blue as my starting color and worked from there. i hope they like it!!