Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Panels for Inasmuch House

Hello everyone! well i don;t know about you but June and the first week of July have been beautiful in this part of the country. i have been busy working in the gardens but i have done some art work.

I am a member of the Battle Creek Society of Artists and our past President Xenia wrote a grant for supplies for the group to provide murals and art work to the Inasmuch House in Battle Creek, Michigan. The House is a place for families, and women and children to go when they need extra help, have been abused, etc. The House has just added 4 new rooms for whole families (dads included yippee!! now the families can stay together). Anyway, the place looks pretty much like an institution and we wanted to provide them with some art work for the walls. Members were asked to sign up for several different sized panels to paint and donate to Inasmuch house. I did 2 - 2 feet by 2 feet panels and after seeing several of the panels at past meetings many of them were for small children and got me to thinking of tween and teen girls, so here are my contributions to the Inasmuch House murals.