Monday, March 31, 2008

ok, heres the thing...

i have about 3 weeks to come up with several paintings of "the Artist Within", i am a part of a larger group of artists that have been asked to display our work at the local art center and the theme is the Artist Within...i have several ideas but when i actually get to the studio i draw a blank. i want to incorporate lots of color because of course that is how i paint...kind of abstract expressionist. well i don't just want to paint a landscape...unless i do something Henry Mooreish on canvas. i want to paint something that is me, but WHAT IS THAT!!!! when i was in college i did a series of pears...they kinda look like me, well i am not green, red or yellow but the shape resembles me. so here is my dilemma....what represents me, The Artist Within. i will keep you posted and if you have any ideas, just pass them along.
here is a family portrait i painted in 2006 - the guitar represents my son and daughter, the foil at the bottom of the painting represents my son, the mug/stein represents my husband, an avid Budweiser stein collector, and the books, the pear, and paintbrushes represent myself. i will be submitting this painting to the art show...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

minature art/small art?

do you create miniature or small works of art? do you sell many of them? if so, do you frame them or send them unframed or both? do you create art work that is square or rectanguler? i am contemplating do some small works of art, 3 by 5, 4 by 4, ATC size or smaller and wanted some feedback on your small art work. leave me some thoughts and don' forget to sign my guestbook on my new website for a free gift(see previous post)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New website and free gift!!

just thought i would draw some attention to my new website...i finally have it up and running at and if you sign up on the contact me page and fill in ALL of your information to be added to my emailing list, i will send you one of my note cards!

emailing list emails will be just several times a year, but no more than once a month letting you know where i will be showcasing my art along with art tidbits, artist and gallery reviews, and other miscellaneous art events. so hurry over and sign up today! you can also leave comments on the contact page or leave them in the guestbook.

also if you would like to have me add your website to my newsletter, just let me know on the contact page, maybe we can generate some business for the small business owner! i will add 3 new and different links to each enewsletter i send out over the course of the year. please feel free to suggest galleries and other pertinent information.

here are some of the cards i have available - i will send you one of my choice.

Monday, March 3, 2008

artists are you...

are you looking for someplace to sell your work? do you sell your work on commission or wholesale? where do you sell your art? do you invest in art shows? are you in a co-op gallery or other retail establishment where you have to work so many hours a week? these are just some questions i have been pondering lately.

i guess some answers for me are yes i amlooking to sell my art work someplace, i have it in several small gift/galleries across Michigan but i want to expand. how do i do this? i usually go door to door locally but not over a hours drive...

i sell my work on commission and wholesale but i would like to do more volume but not to have it commerically made somewhere else...does that make sense? sure greeting cards would be great to sell commerically but i am not sure i want to do that with anything else

i haven't done art shows in quite a while but i have been pondering doing a few locally to build up some customers, mailing list, etc.

as far as working in a gallery so many hours a week, unless they have a high volume of traffic i am not interested because my time can be better spent creating art then sitting around waiting for customers to come in the door...i have started with 2 of these type of galleries in the past and there is never enough traffic to make it worth my time.

well if you are reading this leave me a comment on what you are doing to promote time i will talk about writing an artist statement. do you have one?