Sunday, July 29, 2007

commission work

i just love these 2 collages especially the Fresh Squeezed. a bit about them - well Fresh Squeezed is a band and the gal in the band plays an cool is that. the other is for a friend of the client, Val, has been the greatest to work with, she gives me detailed items about the people she wants collages for such as colors, some of the things they are interested in, etc but gives me free rein to come up with all the ideas for the collage. i love working with people like makes my life fun!! thank you Val!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Artist Matchbook charms

finished my book charms for a swap. they are matchbooks with 3 artists work in each. i used acrylic, watercolors, and markers to create each tiny piece of art for each of the books. they are approximately 1 1/4" wide by 1 3/4" tall including the wire loop. i have about 5 extra that i will be placing on my etsy site.

Front cover

Bridget Riley page 1

Mark Rothko page 2

Piet Mondrain page 3

Saturday, July 21, 2007

cool place to shop

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3 commission pieces

here are 3 collages i did on commission. they are 8" by 8" square with a wire hanger on canvas panel.

mini books

well here are my mini books, i made 25 books...11 of them are for a swap at secret sisters of the fatbook society at yahoogroups. they are approximately 4" by 4" with 6 watercolor paper pages inside and a pocket in the back. the covers are different kinds of handmade papers and a few are commerical papers over cardstock with a hand sewn binding. several of them will be given as gifts and the rest i will put on my etsy site check it out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fabric Mini Quilts

here are 2 fabric mini quilts i finally completed. if you are interested in one let me know and we can trade some art work. they are made with vintage fabrics, printed images, upholestry fabrics, lace, buttons, and a vintage ribbon rose.
this mini quilt is has a dark green background, vintage tatted lace, buttons, and an image printed on muslin with a lace hanger. approximately 8" by 8" without the hanger.

this quilt has a dark green and cream background with cream print fabric, and vintage green velvet. the image is printed on muslin and has a vintage ribbon rose attached. approximately 9" long by 6" wide before the yarn hanger.

Fabric Banners

Here are my banners for the Banner Swap at Arttechniques. Everything on the banners were hand made, the fabric was hand painted, the beads are polymer clay, painted macaroni, or felt, and the ATC in the center is a copy of an original card. All banners are approximately 12" long with the bead dangle and 7 1/2" wide. Enjoy!

Friday, July 6, 2007

New Journals for sale

well today i collaged some covers on some journals. the journals are 4" by 6" with 50 pages. they are for sketching. these will be for sale at etsy soon. i will also take paypal now if you like!! lol they are $6.00 each. just email me at if interested.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

1/2" Book Charm

here is a picture of a 1/2" by 1/2" book charm i made.

i am in a book charm swap and i will be making 25 book charms to swap. they will be 1" by 1". i am trying to figure out a way to close them...i am thinking i will add a 1/8" ribbon to the covers for a closure. i will post the 1" books later when i finish them.

Oil Paintings

This painting is a family portrait. The guitar represents my daughter who loves music, the foil is my son who loves anything to do with the Renaissance, the stein is my husband, and the brushes are me. the books are for all of us because we all read.

I paint mostly landscapes and still lifes. i have been on a fruit spree lately...painting all kinds of fruit. i really like to paint bright, colorful landscapes and have been out plein air painting this summer. i will post more as i complete them.

Band Alert - Not Another Hero

just want to tell you about a great band from the mid Michigan area - Not Another Hero check them out at


if you are interested in buying any of my art work you can go to

i have lots of mixed media collages and note cards. i will also be posting new items for sale very soon. thanks for looking!!