Friday, August 8, 2008

Studio pictures

curious about where artists work? i like to see pictures of other artists studios or creative spaces. it is fun to see how things are arranged, stored and used.
right now i am in the process of trying to decide how i want my studio set up. i work in the basement with windows and a walk out with gardens on either side and i love it. now i need to work on the inside and decide how i want it to flow. i have several stations set up now - one for oil painting, acrylic painting, beading and wire work, and a place to gesso, frame etc. i also have a room for clay. i have about 1000 square feet to work with along with a large storage room for all my stuff.

this is my acrylic area...i generally keep it separate from my oil area because they do not mix well. Acrylic can only be used as a base for oil paint, not used on top of oils.

Here is my oil painting area, my easel is just about where i am standing to take the picture. i have all my supplies in this area for oil painting along with my inspiration wall of art work for reference.
i have some tables set up behind this area that i use to lay work on to frame, gesso, to dry etc.
so, what does your studio look like? post your links to your studio and lets see where you work too.