Monday, September 24, 2007

Art pin demonstration

Well at the yahoo group arttechniques, i was asked if i would give a technique for the month of October. so i decided on a demo of my art pins. here it is in full with pictures. let me know if you create any collage pins.

Art Pin Demo by Kelly Parker

Supplies needed –
Mat board base
Acrylic paint in at least 2 coordinating colors
Gel medium
Photocopied picture
Embellishments such as beads, sequins, gems, shells, etc.
Word or words from text pages or printed from your computer
Heat gun, optional

The base I start with is a piece of mat board cut to approximately 1 ½” by 1 ½” square. You can use any heavy card board or other base you chose. I then paint the base with acrylic paint on all sides. Let dry. I usually get tired of waiting so I use a heat gun to dry the piece so I can keep working.

Then I add a piece of painted text paper with gel medium, let dry.

I then add some texture with sequin waste on the back ground. To use the sequin waste, just lay it on the base where you want some dots and using a dry brush with a minimum amount of paint on the tip, brush it over the sequin waste. I generally brush some of the paint out onto a paper towel.

You could also do the peeling paper technique** at this stage or any other collage textured background you choose.

**Peeling paper technique – gel medium a piece of text paper to the front of the pin base. Burnish it down with a spoon. Then put down a piece of masking tape and burnish this down. Then peel off the tape slowing to leave some of the text on the pin base. You can then use one of your coordinating acrylic colors watered down over the text paper to create depth.

Collage a photocopy of a person to the background. You can use either a black and white copy or a color copy. I generally cut out the person. I like to be able to see as much of the background as I can. At this stage you can cut out wings to use also.

Add your words to the pin. I dry brush a color over the words too then dab with a paper towel so that you can still read them. You can cut out hats or crowns for your people and add them.

Then add embellishments. Gems, beads, sequins, metal charms, buttons, or shells can be added to the face of the pin or along the edge. Or you can put in an eyelet at the bottom and hang a bead or charm from your pin.


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