Tuesday, May 27, 2008

June 7 is drawing day!!

check out http://www.drawingday.org/ and get ready to participate in drawing day on June 7, 2008.

i will be posting some drawings on June 7th so check back to see what i will be drawing that day.

here are some new landscape oils i have been working on, they are 4" by 10".

New work and www.emptyeasel.com

Above, these 2 oil paintings are 8" by 8" and are the newest art i have produced. They are titled Poppies 3 and Poppies 5. you can see more of them at http://www.kellyparkerdesigns.com/ i have made them into a series of 5 so far and you can hang them verically, horizontally, 4 in a square or in any combination you choose.

please check out http://www.emptyeasel.com/ for lots of articles on art business and many other art related topics, you will be happy you did!! i subscribe to their emails and every Sunday i get a run down of what to expect with a link to the direct article for the week.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

finally....created my first newsletter

my first newsletter....boy was this fun to do! i just created it as an email to send out. i know there are several places to get email services but i don't have the money to pay for one and the free ones have ads on them. Ads are not something i want in an email newsletter, so i decided to do one myself. actually it was pretty easy after i decided what i wanted to put in it then i created the header and started to add the content. i really was fun!! if you would like to subscribe just let me know and i will add you to the list.

At left, are some oil paintings i created in late 2006.