Friday, November 23, 2007

New things for the new year...

i have decided to do a blog for Art for Elementary Teachers. i will add information for teachers such as places for them to find lesson plans, artist information, art events, pictures of their work, and many other informational items they can use in class. it will be more for finding information than for use in the classroom but i think it will be fun and educational as well. i am considering having the students post intelligent comments for extra credit. what do you think?

i will also be teaching a new class at the college next semester, Art Appreciation, so for the next several weeks i will be writing curriculum. i already have some ideas for this to get them on paper and worked out for the classroom. this class will take lots of research and will be time consuming in that i will be putting up the weeks in power point for easier use.

and the next big thing, i am having surgery on December 17, 2007 so i will have to have my classes done, holiday shopping done and anything else i have to do before the, fun, fun!!

collage work

More collages for shows and galleries this month. i have decided i need to take more pictures of my work and keep better track of them so i will be posting more work here!! get ready....

Monday, November 19, 2007

MoRe NeW wOrK

just thought i would post the new collages i have been working on, this is just a small sample of the collages i have available....i have made many this month...i am in another art hop in Hastings, MI on November 30 and then on December 1, i will be at the art market in Coldwater, MI.

Monday, November 5, 2007

i pledge to buy handmade

just added a button to my blog for check it out! i plan to make all my gifts this year...what about you? support an artist in 2007!!

for all the ladies in my family this year they will be getting an altered recipe book, photo journal, or journal. i use old children's books and glue papers to the pages then gesso over the papers and then add waterdowned acrylic paint to the pages. they are then embellished with papers, quotes, recipes, photos, stamps, fibers, etc...i will post some pictures soon.

for the guys, i am not sure just yet what they will be getting....guys gifts for me are hard to come up with. maybe homemade cookies and candies...any suggestions?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

on writing a grant...

well i mostly haven't posted because i have been creating collages and doing a few swaps but i also have been working on an individual artist grant through the local Arts and Industry Council of Calhoun County.

i just submitted it on October 31, it was about 40 pages long with my business plan...that is something else i wrote in the month of October, a business plan. if you have never wrote one i would suggest that you don't!! NO not really, it was worth it just to put goals and ideas down on paper, but it is very labor intensive to say the least. the grant was due November 2 so i was a bit early but it has a short turn around time, i should know something by mid-December. i wrote the grant for website services, lap top with wireless, and some storage devices. i have dial up at home and it is getting near impossible to use...just to down load pictures to blogger is getting to be a nightmare!! they are taking forever. but anyway, i am excited about it and i am hoping to take my art another step further with my own website. so stay tuned in and i will let you know, if i get the grant.

New work for November 07

well i haven't posted in about a month...i have made approximately 150 collages in that time!! whew, that is a lot of collages, but i have been selling and creating them for galleries and art hops. i only have a few left and have started on many more for the holiday season.

below are some of my lastest collages, most of these have been made into blank note cards and can be order through me at or or eventually at my etsy site. they retail for $3.25 each plus $1.00 shipping. the collages will be available in several galleries in Michigan and at etsy.