Sunday, December 9, 2007

Garage sale items for sale

well i have a few items for sale on my site, you can see the pictures there and here is a description of what is available. let me know if you are interested. if you order by December 14th they will be in the mail on the 15th and you will have it just in time for the holidays...

you can email me at

11 - 1 1/2" resin gingerbread men $3.00 for all

elinor peace bailey - doll pattern - Grandma's Baby and by George Quilt, and baby doll and quilt pattern. this pattern has never been used. $6.00

Plaid Dragon Designs - doll pattern - Sarah Ann. this pattern has never been used. $2.00

Farmyard Creations - Doll pattern - 14" Country Angel Faith - never been used. $5.00

Stillwater River Valley #409 Winter at Cedar Falls, never been used - Snowman on a stick on a wooden base. $5.00

Heart to Hand - 42" Snowman #111 Bon Bon - never used, still has the wooden buttons in the pattern. $7.00

Inner Child Creations Sherry Goshen doll pattern - 16" Souline - never been used. $6.00

cabbage rose #108 Christmas Longstockings - never been used. $4.00

Patti LaValley - 10" Sea Nymph - never been used. $5.00

Kindred Spirits book - Making Spirits Bright - lots of Christmas patterns - $10.00

Soul Mate Dolls by Noreen Crone-Findlay retail $21.99 sell $10.00

Cloth Paper Scissors Sept/Oct 2007 got 2 by mistake retail $7.99 sellfor $3.00

Perfectly Pearl Ex by Susan Pickering Rothamel sell $3.00

Stamping and Papercraft NZ magazine sell $2.00

shipping will be $3.00 per order up to 2 items. i will be posting more as i dig out....

Grant Update, well the results are in....

I got the wonderful news that i received the grant from the Arts and Industry Council of Calhoun County!!! i will be getting an individual artist grant to help promote art....i was so shocked to learn i will be the recipent of the grant. i wrote a 25 page business plan in a month and answered all the questions and filled out all the paper work for the grant and i got the call on Tuesday that i received it...i am still in shock!! Now to sign all the paperwork and get started...stay turned to receive updates on what i will be doing with the money. YIPPEEE!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

New things for the new year...

i have decided to do a blog for Art for Elementary Teachers. i will add information for teachers such as places for them to find lesson plans, artist information, art events, pictures of their work, and many other informational items they can use in class. it will be more for finding information than for use in the classroom but i think it will be fun and educational as well. i am considering having the students post intelligent comments for extra credit. what do you think?

i will also be teaching a new class at the college next semester, Art Appreciation, so for the next several weeks i will be writing curriculum. i already have some ideas for this to get them on paper and worked out for the classroom. this class will take lots of research and will be time consuming in that i will be putting up the weeks in power point for easier use.

and the next big thing, i am having surgery on December 17, 2007 so i will have to have my classes done, holiday shopping done and anything else i have to do before the, fun, fun!!

collage work

More collages for shows and galleries this month. i have decided i need to take more pictures of my work and keep better track of them so i will be posting more work here!! get ready....

Monday, November 19, 2007

MoRe NeW wOrK

just thought i would post the new collages i have been working on, this is just a small sample of the collages i have available....i have made many this month...i am in another art hop in Hastings, MI on November 30 and then on December 1, i will be at the art market in Coldwater, MI.

Monday, November 5, 2007

i pledge to buy handmade

just added a button to my blog for check it out! i plan to make all my gifts this year...what about you? support an artist in 2007!!

for all the ladies in my family this year they will be getting an altered recipe book, photo journal, or journal. i use old children's books and glue papers to the pages then gesso over the papers and then add waterdowned acrylic paint to the pages. they are then embellished with papers, quotes, recipes, photos, stamps, fibers, etc...i will post some pictures soon.

for the guys, i am not sure just yet what they will be getting....guys gifts for me are hard to come up with. maybe homemade cookies and candies...any suggestions?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

on writing a grant...

well i mostly haven't posted because i have been creating collages and doing a few swaps but i also have been working on an individual artist grant through the local Arts and Industry Council of Calhoun County.

i just submitted it on October 31, it was about 40 pages long with my business plan...that is something else i wrote in the month of October, a business plan. if you have never wrote one i would suggest that you don't!! NO not really, it was worth it just to put goals and ideas down on paper, but it is very labor intensive to say the least. the grant was due November 2 so i was a bit early but it has a short turn around time, i should know something by mid-December. i wrote the grant for website services, lap top with wireless, and some storage devices. i have dial up at home and it is getting near impossible to use...just to down load pictures to blogger is getting to be a nightmare!! they are taking forever. but anyway, i am excited about it and i am hoping to take my art another step further with my own website. so stay tuned in and i will let you know, if i get the grant.

New work for November 07

well i haven't posted in about a month...i have made approximately 150 collages in that time!! whew, that is a lot of collages, but i have been selling and creating them for galleries and art hops. i only have a few left and have started on many more for the holiday season.

below are some of my lastest collages, most of these have been made into blank note cards and can be order through me at or or eventually at my etsy site. they retail for $3.25 each plus $1.00 shipping. the collages will be available in several galleries in Michigan and at etsy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tooting my own horn!!

Just thought I would take a moment to toot my own horn!! It has been a busy year and I wanted to pass along some art events where my work will be on display.

I will be the guest artist at HouseWear on the Kalamazoo Mall for Art Hop in October. My work (collages, prints, journals, oil paintings) is sold through HouseWear so you can stop by anytime. You can print off at information at then click on Art Hop button on the right. This is a great venue for artists!!

I will have art work at the Battle Creek Art Walk on October 19 - November 8 at Mildred’s Bridal in downtown Battle Creek from 5 – 9 pm. I will not be at this event as I will be in Sturgis. This event will have my oil paintings on display.

I will be showing my art at the Open Door Gallery in Sturgis for their Art Bounce on Friday, October 19 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. This is a one day event with several artists displaying their work. i will have collages, journals, prints, and oil paintings on display along with other gift items.
Holly Mart at the Art Center of Battle Creek will open November 2 - December 22. i will have collages and other items for sale.

Also, as a member of the Battle Creek Society of Artists (BCSA), my work is currently showing at the Battle Creek Health Systems Cancer wing through January 3, 2008. i will have several prints on display for this show.

Riverside Cafe in Bellevue will host several artists including myself from November 2 -December 30. My collages and oil paintings will be on display.

Carneige Musuem of Art in Three Rivers will be hosting BCSA from November 18 - December 29. My oil paintings will be on display for this show.

i will update this list as more details are available. Hope to see you at an event!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Art pin demonstration

Well at the yahoo group arttechniques, i was asked if i would give a technique for the month of October. so i decided on a demo of my art pins. here it is in full with pictures. let me know if you create any collage pins.

Art Pin Demo by Kelly Parker

Supplies needed –
Mat board base
Acrylic paint in at least 2 coordinating colors
Gel medium
Photocopied picture
Embellishments such as beads, sequins, gems, shells, etc.
Word or words from text pages or printed from your computer
Heat gun, optional

The base I start with is a piece of mat board cut to approximately 1 ½” by 1 ½” square. You can use any heavy card board or other base you chose. I then paint the base with acrylic paint on all sides. Let dry. I usually get tired of waiting so I use a heat gun to dry the piece so I can keep working.

Then I add a piece of painted text paper with gel medium, let dry.

I then add some texture with sequin waste on the back ground. To use the sequin waste, just lay it on the base where you want some dots and using a dry brush with a minimum amount of paint on the tip, brush it over the sequin waste. I generally brush some of the paint out onto a paper towel.

You could also do the peeling paper technique** at this stage or any other collage textured background you choose.

**Peeling paper technique – gel medium a piece of text paper to the front of the pin base. Burnish it down with a spoon. Then put down a piece of masking tape and burnish this down. Then peel off the tape slowing to leave some of the text on the pin base. You can then use one of your coordinating acrylic colors watered down over the text paper to create depth.

Collage a photocopy of a person to the background. You can use either a black and white copy or a color copy. I generally cut out the person. I like to be able to see as much of the background as I can. At this stage you can cut out wings to use also.

Add your words to the pin. I dry brush a color over the words too then dab with a paper towel so that you can still read them. You can cut out hats or crowns for your people and add them.

Then add embellishments. Gems, beads, sequins, metal charms, buttons, or shells can be added to the face of the pin or along the edge. Or you can put in an eyelet at the bottom and hang a bead or charm from your pin.


You can see more of my art at
email me if you have any questions

Monday, August 27, 2007

job hunting...

i know, i my last post i said my schedule was very busy and it is, but i really need something a little more permanent in the way of income so i have applied for 3 jobs, 2 are part time and 1 full time. i have a large college debt to pay off and my day job as an adjunct professor is sometimes suspect if i don;t have enough students sign up for my class.

ya know i really hate job takes a lot of time and then you have to interview, i hate interviewing. i know it doesn;t hurt to have a few interviews anyway...i am really bad at interviewing. i get really nervous but lately i have been going in to the interview process with a I CAN DO THIS/I REALLY DON'T NEED THIS JOB attitude. it takes away the nervousness and helps me get through it. it really does work for me...i have been awarded 2 jobs but turned them both down. guess i was looking for something different. just had some bad vibes in the was for a summer teaching job and the other was for an art teacher at a public school. glad i didn;t do either one, a friend of mine took the public school job...she was pinked slipped this year due to budget cuts...that really would have made me mad to put in all the time to create lessons, do art on a cart then be cut...

the full time job is for the city as a graphics production operator. a glorified way to say that someone will be making copies for the offices in the building but the pay is good and i am qualified so i decided to go for it.

one of the other jobs is for a reference librarian at the community college i teach at, and i am hoping this one pans out. it would be perfect for my schedule. send good thoughts!!

the other job is part time too at the music center scheduling appointments and other office duties attached to the building at the community college where i work. this would be a good job also.

so keep me in your thoughts....

Been a while....catching up

well it has been a while since i last posted. i have been busy creating more collages. seems like everytime i think i am ahead someone emails and needs more. this is not a bad thing but i think i am getting ahead then i get steam

i am doing 2 art walks in October and need some new work so i have been working on things for that...i will have to share some pictures of the new wire, bead, and charm necklaces i am making along with some new collages. i need to get some new items on my etsy site too. busy, busy, busy...

the kids will be starting school on Sept 4 and i start back to teaching on Sept 5. my schedule is very full this semester with my college class running 2 nights, then i have 3 private lessons and i think i will be working with an afterschool group two days a week. this is going to limit my creative time and i am not looking forward to that, but it will be for about 16 weeks so i think i can handle it....maybe!!!

well off to put the kids to bed....we all need to get use to the new earlier schedule...

Monday, August 6, 2007


well was playing around yesterday and made some necklaces from formica chips. i ran out of canvas panels and had to find something else to collage on and this is what i did. the necklace is approximately 2 3/4" tall by 1 3/4" wide. it has a black cord for wearing that is approximately 25" long and can be adjusted to any length you want. each necklace has a bead dangle that is hanging from the cord. they will be on my etsy site for sale later today. check it out.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wedding collage

here is a picture of my niece and her soon to be new husband. i did this collage for their wedding gift. it is 11" by 14" with their wedding invitation and picture of them. Blue is my nieces favorite color so i use blue as my starting color and worked from there. i hope they like it!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

commission work

i just love these 2 collages especially the Fresh Squeezed. a bit about them - well Fresh Squeezed is a band and the gal in the band plays an cool is that. the other is for a friend of the client, Val, has been the greatest to work with, she gives me detailed items about the people she wants collages for such as colors, some of the things they are interested in, etc but gives me free rein to come up with all the ideas for the collage. i love working with people like makes my life fun!! thank you Val!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Artist Matchbook charms

finished my book charms for a swap. they are matchbooks with 3 artists work in each. i used acrylic, watercolors, and markers to create each tiny piece of art for each of the books. they are approximately 1 1/4" wide by 1 3/4" tall including the wire loop. i have about 5 extra that i will be placing on my etsy site.

Front cover

Bridget Riley page 1

Mark Rothko page 2

Piet Mondrain page 3

Saturday, July 21, 2007

cool place to shop

looking for a great place to shop? check out great stuff!!

3 commission pieces

here are 3 collages i did on commission. they are 8" by 8" square with a wire hanger on canvas panel.

mini books

well here are my mini books, i made 25 books...11 of them are for a swap at secret sisters of the fatbook society at yahoogroups. they are approximately 4" by 4" with 6 watercolor paper pages inside and a pocket in the back. the covers are different kinds of handmade papers and a few are commerical papers over cardstock with a hand sewn binding. several of them will be given as gifts and the rest i will put on my etsy site check it out!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fabric Mini Quilts

here are 2 fabric mini quilts i finally completed. if you are interested in one let me know and we can trade some art work. they are made with vintage fabrics, printed images, upholestry fabrics, lace, buttons, and a vintage ribbon rose.
this mini quilt is has a dark green background, vintage tatted lace, buttons, and an image printed on muslin with a lace hanger. approximately 8" by 8" without the hanger.

this quilt has a dark green and cream background with cream print fabric, and vintage green velvet. the image is printed on muslin and has a vintage ribbon rose attached. approximately 9" long by 6" wide before the yarn hanger.